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A bestselling author of books on relationships. A recent guest on the Todd n Tyler radio show. Creator of Lil Dude.

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Men, do you know what women really want?

Are you having trouble finding the right woman for you? Do you always end up in a bad relationship?

When you learn the secrets of what women want in a relationship and sex, finding the right one or improving your relationship will be so much easier.

The best gift you can give a woman is to understand her. The purpose of this site and the guides is to help you understand what women want in a relationship, not to emasculate you.

What She Thinks and Wants has relationship enhancers, webinars, and guides for men over the age of 21. These are down to earth, informative, and entertaining, not boring psychobabble.

The workbook will help you gain insight into yourself and help you discover what kind of woman and relationship that you need. While the Day-to-Day Communiqué is a daily newsletter delivered to your email with tips and hints plus sample messages to send to your special someone. Another guide is the Calendar it has daily conversation starters and greetings to send to her.

What She Thinks and Wants webinars/seminars and guides could save you from heartache, headaches of a bad relationship, and maybe the high cost of divorce.


Topics covered in the Workbook:

  • How to attract the right woman for you.
  • What kind of woman to look for.
  • How to fill out an online dating site profile.
  • Dating tips to secure a second, third, and fourth date.
  • How to become her boyfriend instead of her "just friends."
  • How to be her hero.
  • Tips on intimacy.
  • What turns her on in the bedroom.
  • How to better your relationship.
  • And so much more!

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